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  Observing Chairs
  When using a telescope, especially a dobsonian, an adjustable height observing chair can save your back and make a night out observing more enjoyable. Some people call them scope chairs. If you are using a larger dob, well... bring a ladder.

The Starbound Observing Chair is my favorite astronomy observing chair (and I have tried a bunch) because it is versitile and compact, and easy to move around. It is also easy to adjust. There are no pins or buttons to push. No knobs to turn. Just lift the front of the seat and it will slide up and down. Once you get it where you want it just let go. It comes in black or white. I wish I had ordered the white to prevent tripping over it in the dark.

You can find this chair for $138.95


Cosmo Comfort
This astronomical observing chair is similar to the starbound chair but has a bit more padding. According to the manufacturer, this chair has been designed collecting the most important features of an astronomy observing chair. I have not tried this chair yet but it looks like it may be equal to or better than the starbound chair. I can't imagine myself leaning back on the padded back so that may be waisted expense and weight.

You can find this chair for $179.00


StarDust is a popular astronomical observing chair. I is an adjustable hieght observing chair. I have heard good things about this chair however, it is a bit more difficult to move the seat up and down than the sliding models.

You can find this chair for $168.99


StarStep by Starmaster is an adjustable hieght observing chair/step. This char can be used for sitting or standing. Be sure to wipe it off before sitting and after standing. If there may be young astronomers around, it is great to have this chair, or a small step ladder so they can reach the eyepiece.

You can find this chair for $149



The Cats Perch
This is a custom made adjustale height observing chair by a small manufacturer. If you have a large dobsonian this is a great chair since it is the highest chair in the group.

Call to check lead times as I have heard that it can take from months to more than a year to get one. Jim offers a kit that you can assemble, sand and finish yourself if you don't want to wait months.

Note: Jim has partnered with a local craftsman to help with production of chairs and kits.

You can purchase this chair for

un assembled un finished for $168
assembled un finished for $218
assembled and finished for $298


LaFuma Recliner
When you are not looking through your telescope and you are at a dark site, there is nothing better than tilting back in this chair and looking at the milky way. This is the most comfortable chair for the task. It easily tilts back to an almost flat position. I enjoy using binoculars while in this chair.

I have had this chair since 2001 and have many great memories of the black forest star party sitting back with my daughter with a sleeping bag covering us while we look up at the stars. She made up many of her own constellations. I highly recomend getting this chair and taking some time away from the eyepiece at your next star party. A also sit in this chair on my deck because it is the most comfortable chair around.

You can purchase this chair for around $299. Sounds like a lot but I have had mine for years.


  kendrick ultima III

The Ultima III is the third generation of the Ultima astronomical observing chair from Kenderick.



  These astronomy observing chairs are great for a night out in hte field. Save you back by getting one of these astronomers observing chairs.
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