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Voyager's Approach to Jupiter
Voyager Approach to Jupiter
This time-lapse video records Voyager 1's approach to Jupiter during a period of over 60 Jupiter days. Although astronomers had studied Jupiter from Earth for several centuries, scientists were surprised by many of Voyager 1 and 2's findings. They now understand that important physical, geological, and atmospheric processes go on - in the planet, its satellites, and magnetosphere - that were new to observers.
Voyager 1 flew by Jupiter on March 5, 1979, taking more than 18,000 images of planet and its moons. Voyager 2 flew by Jupiter on July 9, 1979, taking about the same number. Between the two Voyager spacecraft, three new moons and a thin, dark ring were discovered. Voyager images of Jupiter's moon Io revealed active volcanoes, the first ever discovered on another body besides Earth.
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