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Did you know you can use an inexpensive webcam to capture images of planets and other objects in the night sky?

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  Star Parties June 2012
  Wow, more than ten star parties in June. You would never know june has the shortest nights of the year. Even though the nights are short and days are long, there is plenty to see in your telescope in June. The milky way is high in the night sky. Some of our favorite objects to see are up there in the summer.

Southern Skies Star Party
July 15-21 , 2012
Inca Utama Hotel & Alapacha Amateur Observatory
12,300 feet - Lake Titicaca, Bolivia - South America

Annual summer star parties held in Bolivia.With views of the sky so stunning the summer milky way casts a shadow on the ground. Often, astronomers challenge each other to spot objects reflected in the calm lake, or reflected in hotel windows.  Some visitors have even reported observing through the hotel window with binoculars. The high altitude and calm seeing provide arguably the highest contrast views of any observing site on earth.

Cherry Springs Star Party
June 2012
Cherry Springs, PA

Held at the same location as the famous Black Forest Star Party.

Lowell Star Party
June 1020

The Lowell Star Party is presented by Lowell Observatory. Observing, tours, multimedia presentations, and great prizes in the cool mountain country of northern Arizona.

Bryce Canyon Astronomy Festival -
June 2012

Sponsored by National Park Service in partnership with the Salt Lake Astronomical Society, this event is for the public and newcomer to astronomy, and it is not a traditional star party. Those wishing to bring their telescopes must contact the park in advance and sign up as volunteers. Presentations by rangers, astronomy workshops, solar viewing, and guest speakers followed by telescope viewing under Southern Utah Skies - the darkest in the Southwest. Event is geared toward the whole family, great daytime activities too. Plan ahead for lodging and be prepared - elevation is 8000 feet!

Apollo Rendezvous
June 2012

The 39th Annual Apollo Rendezvous Telescope Convention & Star Party

Grand Canyon Star Party
June 5-12, 2012

Make plans now to join us at the 17th Grand Canyon Star Party. This event is a little different than most because it is a public event. What better way to impress a newcomer to astronomy than with a view thru your telescope from just about the darkest skies in the US. The crowds thin early though, and you are left to test the limits of your telescope from the rim of the Canyon.

Rocky Mountain Star Stare
June 2012
Pike National Forest, CO

For over two decades, astronomers from across the U.S. and around the world have been gathering each summer in the mountains west of Colorado Springs. What draws them here each year? Dark skies. Not just dark skies, but dark skies with amazing transparency. These gazers of the stars are enjoying Rocky Mountain Star Stare!

Golden State Star Party
June 2012
Frosty Acres Ranck, Adin, CA

The Sky - words cannot do it justice, come and see for yourself. The Site - this is about as good as it can get; great horizons, huge, flat, with minimal dust, no rocks, and is a natural surface - all great for camping and setting up equipment. The People - we're friends who have been getting together at these events for years. You are most welcome to attend and meet new friends.

Green Bank Star Quest
June 24-27 2009
Green Bank National Radio Astronomy Observatory, , WV


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