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Dark Skies
Star Parties
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Light Pollution
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Light Polution Map Light Pollution Map of US
Light Polution Map Light Pollution Map PA, NJ, NY
Finding Dark Sites

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Finding Dark Skies

The less light pollution in an area, the darker the sky. The darker the sky, the more stars, clusters, nebulas, meteors, and galaxies you can see.
Finding dark skies these day can be a daunting task. Artificial light created by us humans has increaced significantly over the pas 50 years. This phenomenum has created what is now called light polution. Because of this, to get to a dark site you need to get far away from cities.
Dark skies are not all you need. Clear skies are important too. Once you find a nearby dark site you can check the current visibility at that site using the clear sky clock. These clocks show darkness, cloud cover, seeing, and transparency at a glance.
In the eastern half of the United States dark sites are few and far between. Two dark sites that have a lot of astronomical activities (star parties) include Cherry Springs State Park in central Pennsylvania and Spruce Knob in West Virginia.
The maps and information on this page will help you find a dark site.
usa This is a light pollution map of the United States. As you can see, most of the population is on the east side and therfore the light pollution is in the east. There is also a stripe along the west coast.
east This is a light pollution map of the eastern half of the United States.
panj Here is a light pollution map of PA, NJ, and NY.
va Here is a light pollution map of Virginia and West Virginia
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