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Did you know you can use an inexpensive webcam to capture images of planets and other objects in the night sky?

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Saturn is one of the most beautiful objects to view
through a telescope.

Observing Saturn
Saturn is certainly the most exciting object to view through a telescope.

To find Saturn look for Regulus the brightest star in the constellation Leo.ur "How do I find Leo" you ask. Just after sunset, Leo will be rising in the east. Leo's head looks like a question mark and Regulus is the dot at the bottom of the question mark. To find Saturn, look for a bright yellowish "star" to the left of Regulus. That is actually not a star, it is Saturn.

When looking at a plantlet, or any other object, through a telescope it will look better if you wait until it is high up in the sky. That's because there is less of the earths atmosphere distorting your view. After about 10:00 PM Saturn will be in a good position to see a clear image. Saturn will look even better



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