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Did you know you can use an inexpensive webcam to capture images of Saturn and other objects in the night sky?

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Explore Saturn's Rings


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A Light Year

Saturn's day lasts about 10 hours which means it
rotates pretty fast!.


Saturn Statistics

Length of Year: 29.5 Earth Years
Length of Day 10 hours, 14 minutes .72 Earth Days
Diameter 120,536 km (74,901 mi) 9.4 X Earth's
Mass 8.686e25 kg 95 X Earth's
Orbit 1, 427,000,000 km (886,700,000 mi) 9.539 AU
Mean orbital velocity 9.64 km/s (6 mi/s) 1.607 x Earths
Average Day temperature - 125°C
Average Night temperature - 125°C
Moons 61 moons
Atmosphere Hydrogen, Helium, Methane



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