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Astronomers are always looking for darks skies to view and photograph celestial objects. Light pollution washes out the sky and makes it difficult to see deep space objects even in a telescope. This sky glow map of the PA, NJ, and NY shows that dark sky locations are becoming an extinct species.
If you are using a telescope to view or image objects in the night sky it is a good idea to find the darkest spot you can. Imaging with a webcam is a great hobby More and more astronomy enthusiasts are discovering that webcams are in inexpensive way to capture great images on objects in the night sky.
Persied Meteor Shower
Light Pollution Map of PA, NJ, and NY

Forrest Hamilton of the Maryland section of the International Dark Sky Association (IDA) has taken the time to divide the The World Light Pollution Atlas into states and added county lines.

Photo copyright: Light Pollution Science and Technology Institute

Light Pollution at NOAA
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